Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take the Nolan Chart.

I believe the Nolan Chart to be one hundred percent wrong, rigged to a particular Libertarian ideological worldview and a disgrace of political ideological tests. Glenn Beck promoted this test on his television show during a special last week, and argued that folks will be surprised to discover their "inner Libertarian".

Considering the founder of the Nolan Chart is also one of the co-founders of the Libertarian Party, who would have thought that? I did. Despite answering Conservative each time, the test told me that I am a Libertarian first and foremost. BOGUS!

Take the test, and reveal the insane nature of the Nolan Chart.

Also, I wonder if Glenn Beck understands Conservatism at all.....

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Experimental said...

The original Nolan Chart had 4 extremes, liberal to the left, conservative to the right, libertarian on the top, and authoritarian or statist on the bottom. Just like the following link.

Experimental said...

This is still kind of narrow. I once came up with an idea for a chart like this that adds a third dimension for how you feel problems should be resolved. On that I am a lot more conservative.

Anonymous said...

i dont know, i took the test with 3 good friends, i was libertarian, one friend was conservative and one was a statist according to the chart. if any question was potentially bias we all agreed it was number 3. I think that one is worded poorly.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: I posted the last, i need to correct myself, i meant to say question number 6, 3 was worded great. Id like to see alternative questions based on the same chart however if anyone has them