Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unite or Die - A final ultimatum for Tea Partiers.

It's hard to imagine Tea Partiers were unknown to the American populace just twelve months ago, that millions of Conservative minded folks across the good ole' USA were unessential to our political system. With all 435 House of Representative seats up for election in November, in addition to 36 Senate seats up for election as well, Tea Partiers are screwing our electoral hopes.

After three successful electoral victories in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts of all places, it appeared Republicans and Tea Partiers were in a united coalition against socialistic democrats, appearances can be deceiving.

In Nevada, a state where political tensions are expected to overflow this November, Tea Partiers have announced the creation of a new political party, along with their own candidate to challenge Senator Reid and the eventual Republican nominee. I'd hate to admit it, but if these idiots gain traction, Senator Reid will win re-election.

According to recent polling data from Nevada, three Republican candidates who are seeking the Republican nomination have a lead over Senator Reid, with Dan Tarkanian and Sue Lowden averaging 10 percentage point margins over Senator Reid, however, with the unfortunate addition of a Tea Party candidate; three Conservative Republican candidates could lose.

If we lose in Nevada, I am putting the entire blame on Tea Partiers who no longer want to battle in Republican Primaries, but want to see the destruction of Republican candidates, because of a unknown indifference. Seriously, what have Republicans done to Tea Partiers since their formation last spring? Nothing! Besides for a continuous courtship between the two.

This is it. On behalf of the Conservative Republican blogosphere, I am offering Tea Partiers a final ultimatum to unite our principles and prosper or decline our circumstances and watch your movement die.

Fiscal Conservatism will live on. Republicans will live on. Constitutional values will live on. Tea Partiers will not. We can either retake the House of Representatives with a united Conservative Republican coalition, including Tea Partiers and Independents, or we can allow our socialistic democratic counterparts to retain the House of Representatives because of political bickering amongst Tea Partiers.

It's time to make a decision. Are we going to unite as a movement or are you going to die as a movement? Because I guarantee one thing, we're not going to allow an organization of power crazed idiots in Nevada to overtake the Conservative movement, while sending aid and comfort to our political enemies.

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Anonymous said...

Have the Tea Party started a new party in Nevada or was it started by a liberal group to , in the ussual liberal nefarious way, split thier enimies?

Last I saw the Tea party people were taking over the Repub party in Nevada. Something I s'port doing.