Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Five step process to return America to economic success.

The Obama administration is leading our economic future into a brick wall.

With their economic stimulus that has sent us deeper into debt, government budgets growing an an alarming pace and socialistic proposals being accepted on a regular basis, all economic hope of recovering before Republicans retake Washington is out of the question. However, what economic policies should be enacted once Republicans regain power, is a legitimate question.

I am not an overpaid professor, an accomplished businessman or working at this point, but I understand what needs to be done, in order to restore America as the economic superpower of the financial world.

Step One

Once Republicans regain control of Washington, taxation must be reduced on all fronts. Whether it be the reduction of Corporate taxes, establishing a low flat-income tax or the complete abolition of estate taxes, Republicans need to work on accomplishing a realistic reduction of taxes.

Our economic future depends on it.

Step Two

America needs to establish free-trade agreements with all Nations of the world, because we will never return to economic star power or the production of valuable American made goods unless our products are available everywhere across the globe.

Step Three

Unions must be targeted. Period. All legislation that could help a union, must be halted. All legislation that could provide financial comfort to unions, must be stopped. We must privatize government workers, outsource expensive government jobs that is cheaper in the private sector and push all union influence in our government, out the door.

Step Four

All legislation that is striking fear into the collective heart of business owners across America, such as government run health care, cap & trade and forced unionization legislation, has to be declared "dead". That alone would reassure the financial building blocks of America.

Step Five

Government budget's must be cut. Useless departments and programs must end. The government workforce must shrink (excusing all in relation to National Defense). Government contracts must be awarded through the process of private businesses bidding. Entitlements must be dealt with and some should be Privatized.

If we accomplish all of the proposed plans mentioned above, I cannot see a reason for America not to succeed in recapturing economic star power. Not to mention, I expect the upcoming GOP controlled government to release General Motors, Insurance companies and the Banks to provide for themselves.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Excellent post. I am on board, where do I sign?

Anonymous said...

"Five step process to return America to economic success."

Congrats! You've just guaranteed, with that headline, that nobody in our current administration will read the article.

You should have entitled it, "Five Step Process to Destroy America and Ensure Economic Defeat", just to lure them in.