Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alaskans like Parnell.

In case some were having doubts about retaining the Governorship in Alaska, due to Sarah Palins' resignation during the Summer of last year, a new poll from a Alaska based polling firm should erase all fears and doubts about Governor Sean Parnell in the upcoming election.

73% of Alaskans approve of Governor Parnell's job performance, compared to 15% of Alaskans who disapprove. This is excellent news for Governor Parnell, despite the fact he has signed just one piece of legislation into law since taking the job of Governor.

Parnell will be seeking the Republican nomination to run for a full term as Governor, though I suspect such a term to be the first and last, because Parnell has national ambitions of seeking election to the House of Representatives or United States Senate, and the retirement of Don Young in a few years could allow him to fulfill those ambitions.

Overall, Governor Parnell should win the Gubernatorial election without much a fight in November, due to his continuation of popular Sarah Palin policies and his personal record of fighting for Alaskan values.

Alaska is not a issue for Republicans, not one Democratic threat to a crucial seat statewide. Being bold, I would predict the next election that will cause trouble in Alaska, will take place in 2014 when Democratic Senator Mark Begich faces the voters for the first time after his horrific votes in 2009.

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