Friday, February 26, 2010

Roney Fans are Dedicated.

For those who are frequent listeners of 810 WGY in Upstate, New York or appreciate dedicated fans attempting to restore local broadcasters onto the airwaves, the fans of Al Roney will provide inspiration and drama in the coming weeks.


Al Roney Gets the Boot at WGY

Before discussing the dedicated efforts of Roney fans, we should understand the background of this interesting local headline. This whole process started a few weeks ago, when 590 WROW dropped its entire news format, which included Dennis Miller, Glenn Beck, Alan Colmes and a slew of local talk show hosts.

This left the entire Capital Region of New York (a big Conservative talk show market) without one station broadcasting the Glenn Beck Program, which opened a successful door for 810 WGY to include the popular, high ratings, national talk show host, instead of a popular local talk show host.

810 WGY had a tough decision to make, but in the end, Glenn Beck will provide higher ratings, which is the name of the game.

After the news was announced this morning that Beck will be replacing Roney on the airwaves for three hours per morning, the fans revolted.

WGY announced that it was replacing host Al Roney’s program with Glenn Beck’s syndicated program just hours ago. But already there’s a Facebook page established to get Roney back on the air.

And that page, which is here, already has 31 72 221 301 fans.

“Show GY you want local coverage,” the page says.

A few hours later.......dedicated fans have escalated their "Pro-Roney" efforts.

Supporters of fired talk show host Al Roney say they will rally Monday outside of radio station WGY (810 AM).

The station, owned by Clear Channel Communications, fired Roney on Thursday, announcing it would replace his show with a syndicated program hosted by Fox News personality Glenn Beck.

The station, noting Beck’s popularity, says it made the move for ratings reasons. But Roney supporters are bemoaning the loss of a local voice on the Capital Region airwaves.

Monday’s rally is scheduled for Monday from 9 a.m. to noon — the hours during which Roney’s show aired. WGY is located at 1203 Troy-Schenectady Road in Latham.

The rally, if held, will be the second radio station protest in recent weeks, as listeners of WROW (590 AM) gathered earlier this month outside that station to protest its cancellation of talk radio.

It was WROW’s move, in fact, that made Beck’s program available to WGY.

It appears that fans of the former host are overreacting, as the station had to make a choice based on what was best for the business instead of what a few fans wanted, but Jumping in Pools will be covering the news over the next few weeks and we applaud the dedicated efforts that Roney fans have displayed.

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Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck will provide higher ratings, which is the name of the game.

Sure they need to make money, but what ever happened to "serving the community" as a motivation?

Local radio doesn't serve the community by airing only national shows.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck will provide higher ratings, which is the name of the game.

Really? Some facts please.

Beck used to be on GY and was taken off because of low ratings.

Beck was then picked up by the other local talker WROW.

Roney beat Beck in every single ratings period in hte last 3-years.

Clear Channel is now owned by Private Equity Group Co-Led By Bain Capital Partners (see Mitt Romney)not people who care about radio.

Beck is now a part of Premiere Radio Networks Inc., a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications.

This is about having the same syndication in every market.

It's about national buys versus local.

Local is dying, dead or being killed.

The trouble with Bloggers. Basic research ignored.

The future of media? 2 or 3 big guns and a whole lot of blogging without any professional standards.

Brave New World

Anonymous said...

Always an Al Roney fan. You cannot replace the voice of challenge. He stood up for the constitution and it's sad that those in power forget the way of our founders.

Anonymous said...

Roney had the #1 talk rating
and #2 in all catagorys
according to Arbitron

Believe it or not beck had the lowest talk ratings......

Its not about ratings its about back room deals.