Friday, February 26, 2010

Conservatives Tweet.

I joined Twitter a few months ago, and I see no real reason to write 140 character messages on a regular basis to hundreds (15 for me) of unknown people around the world, except for spreading the word about your blog or website. Perhaps it's just me, but spending several hours "tweeting" is an insane past time.

Unless, you're R.S. McCain, which means Twitter is your political blog lifeline. I prefer sending dozens of emails to Conservative bloggers, posting on Blogs Lucianne Loves or sending links to Insta Pundit or Elizabeth Benjamin (New York Political Guru). However, McCain has now admitted to Twitters Addiction.

I’ve been neglecting Facebook lately — Twitter is my new cool thing — but I logged on to see the uproar I’d caused at Lisa Graas’s Facebook page. (Long story.) Anyway,so my 20-year-old daughter Kennedy pops up on Facebook chat to tell me that she heard the Montgomery Gentry song “One in Every Crowd” and it reminded her of me:

OK.....perhaps McCain is not admitting to Twitters Addiction, but his Daughter is concerned about him, which she has good reason to be - I mean, he is hanging around with radical right wingers across America, attending Tea Bagger rallies and accepting thousands of dollars from complete strangers over the Internet....

Back to the unknown, somewhat-main point of this idiotic article: Tweeting is a useless and idiotic past time, unless you're R.S. McCain or you're spamming your political blog through "tweets". be honest, I just wrote this article to receive some "linking love" from McCain's blog and to encourage all readers of Jumping in Pools, insane or otherwise, to follow me on Twitter, because "15 followers" is embarrassing.

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