Monday, February 15, 2010

Top 5 American Presidents.

Americans have elected 43 individual men to serve as President of this great nation, however, I believe out of those 43 individuals who have received the greatest honor one American could ever experience, just five of them deserve recognition on this Presidents' Day.

(5) - Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929).

(4) - Ronald Reagan (1981-1989).

(3) - Abe Lincoln (1861-1865).

(2) - George Washington (1789-1797).

(1) - Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809).

In the opinion of this Conservative blogger, the above mentioned United States Presidents' are the best of the best.
Coolidge for his fiscal conservatism in a era of government control and spending, Reagan for his return to Constitutional governance (among other items), Lincoln for fighting the long and good fight for freedom of black Americans, Washington for his service as a General and a President.
Thomas Jefferson deserves recognition for his unquestionable dedication to freedom, being the first President to recognize the evil that is radical Islam and for the Louisiana Purchase, among countless other reasons for him being the greatest President in Americas long history.

What say you, do you agree or disagree with the Presidential order of greatness which I have constructed? Consider this an open thread.

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PFFV said...

Excellent top 5 there. Reagan would have to be the greatest president in my life time. Washington in my opinion is the greatest President for his core principles and values as an honorable man that was humble and cared for everyone especially his nation.

Harrison said...

FDR for WWII and Kennedy for Cuban Missile Crisis.

Anonymous said...

It may have been for a good cause, but Lincoln surely overstepped his authority in waging war on the south.

In doing so, he effectively removed the last limit on Federal Power: the right to secede. Because of that decision, no state (besides Texas) may secede from the union without the threat of war.

Editor said...

No state has the right to secede in the first place, only Montana is allowed to...under specific and special circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln for fighting the long and good fight for freedom of black Americans.
Lincoln was the first of the strong government Presidents. The war was fought to maintain the union, slavery was a good excuse.
Check you real history.
He ran as a Republican only to get elected.
He was a Whig originally and they where on their way out.

Aurelius said...

Mr. K's comment is absolutely correct. No state has the right to succeed and a war to keep the union together was utterly justified.

I also agree with Harrison.

dkf said...

None of us will ever decide on exactly the same list but yours is well thought-out.

I would like to add to Washington's pointe:
-Defined the American Presidency and transference
of power
-Extinguished a potential military rebellion post
Revolutionary War and one Massachusetts uprising
on the strength of his respected leadership.

Anonymous said...

I like the list as written. I also agree with PFFV in that Reagan was the greatest in my lifetime.