Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't Be Fooled: JD Hayworth is a Loser

What could go wrong? John McCain at 73 is the bane of many conservative Republicans-- known for bucking the establishment and working with even liberal Democrats like Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold. Now it would appear that the right-wing of the Republican Party has found a candidate to beat the Maverick in the primaries.

But that man should not be JD Hayworth.

Hayworth has made waves running against the septugenerian, claiming that McCain is no longer fit to stay in the Senate. But is Hayworth really a viable alternative?

Hayworth must be given credit for winning a seat in the House. But while he was there he was one of the worst and most nonsensical blowhards there. He was so bad he got knocked off in the 2006 elections as an incumbent. Yes, I know that there was redistricting, but he still lost to a Democrat loser.

And most of the while he was being a blowhard he was on the take from Jack Abramoff. In fact, he was the number one person in Congress taking the illicit funds. So he was the worst out of 435 crooks. That's saying something.

Hayworth wants attention and thinks that running against a moderate like McCain will help him pick up steam. Sarah Palin and Scott Brown have both blown off Hayworth and are supporting McCain. They know that McCain won't run for President or possibly another term in the Senate, but they still have JD Hayworth pegged: loser.

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