Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interview With Rocky Raczkowski, Candidate for Michigan's 9th Congressional District

Jumping in Pools is proud to present number 57 in our interview series. This time we're interviewing Rocky Raczkowski, who is a candidate for in the 9th Michigan Congressional District. He is a combat veteran in the United States military and has served in the Michigan State Legislature. His website can be found at

1. What made you decide to run for Congress?
A: After returning from serving my second tour (1 year) in the Global War on Terror, and returning to my business, I have had friends that have lost their lives overseas, and only to return home to see more friends lose their jobs, careers and savings, all the while becoming more and more dependent upon the state! This must stop, and I see very little leadership in Washington (Republican and Democrat) to stop or to have the will to stand up and sacrifice for your nation. I am a conservative that sees little conservative voices of reason in Washington and I will work hard every day to re-earn the support of my district and that of my Nation! This is what made my decision easy and allows me to campaign every day to bring what we invision, a better,/brighter America, back into reality!

2. What does Michigan need to get out of its economic slump?
A: We need what the rest of America needs, less taxes, less Government and more personal freedom. Once Michigan has this, the reality is that it will help reverse this economic slump. As Reagan said, tax what you don't want to grow and subsidize that what you wish to grow... Times haven't changed. The economy will turn around when their is less governmental intervention in our businesses!

3. Has President Obama shown the leadership on the economy that you were expecting?
A: No, I am shocked with President Obama and Congress' impotenct on acting within their Constitutional bounds. There is no leadership coming from Washington, just more policy initiatives that further inslave the people to a Government that wishes to dictate how it will care for it's citizens (ie: Health Care).

4. Why are you the right man for the job?
A: Because I am interested in serving my country and my neighbors. Fromt he bottom of my heart, I am ready and willing to sacrifice so that we can finally get our nation on the right path! Consider me a servant-leader that is ready to serve. After serving in Business as a leader, in the military as a leader and in the Michigan House as a leader, I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that we return our nation to a path of prosperity and growth, safety and peace! There are very few that are willing, or even able to do this while serving their community!

5. What was your proudest moment in the State Legislature?
A: Standing up to my party when they were wrong. It cost me a leadership position, but it was worth it and made me sleep well at night! I am an American and a conservative that cares deeply for my neighbors and my Nation, and less for partisanship. What is right will alwasy be right and no one can ever destroy that!

6. What was your proudest moment in the military?
A: Earning the Bronze Star, and always standing up and serving the soldiers under my command. They and their families came first. I am most honored when they stand up for me! It's what you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, that made me the proudest!

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