Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it Possible that Iran Will Fake an Attack Against Itself?

All right, bear with me on this one. Iran has declared that tomorrow it will deliver a 'devastating blow' to the West. Speculation has spread across the internet. Most assume some sort of major move or unveiling, such as the revealing of a nuclear weapon or a massive strike on protectors that are swarming the streets since their election.

But what if Iran were to fake an attack on itself?

It is quite possible that any major belligerent move would cause a backlash against Iran. The unveiling of a nuclear weapon could cause sanctions, the same goes for squashing protests. However, it could be plausible that, should fear be great enough, that a so-called "western" power could preemptively strike Iran.

But more, what if Iran were to fake a preemptive strike against themselves? It would cause a perfect storm. They could easily claim that Israel attacked them in fear of the "blow" that they were going to unleash. What if Iran were to kill some of its own citizens, I mean kill more of its citizens, by blowing up a bomb and saying it was an Israeli terrorist? In the eyes of the world, if Israel were to deny it, it would be a he-said she-said scenario in which it may be hard to concretely disprove Iran.

The potential backlash against our ally in the Middle East could be devastating. Unable to disprove the accusations, Israel could be admonished world-wide. Iran would look the victim, Israel the aggressor; Iran would have its "devastating blow" without any major side-effects. Think about it.

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Editor said...

I could see it happening

Anonymous said...

If it were anyone other than Yuck-man-douche-a-cod I would have my doubts but this guy is a few fries short of a happy meal. Anything is possible.

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