Friday, February 26, 2010

Governor Paterson Could Be Doomed

Following weeks of wild speculation, the public believed that the New York Times had released a sub-par, over-hyped story concerning NY Governor David Paterson. Now, a week after the article was released, the actual story has been published. And it is big.

Governor Paterson and State Police intervened in a case of domestic abuse that was out of their jurisdiction. Not only that, but they harassed the woman involved to drop the charges. These revelations come at a time when the governor's approval rating is exceedingly low and his gubernatorial campaign is running on fumes, even before it has really started.

There is new speculation that this story is so bad that Paterson will resign, following Deputy Secretary for Public Safety and Commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justice Services Denise O'Donnell's lead.

From what I have seen from the defiant Gov. in the last few months, I believe that he will not resign over these revelations unless more is revealed. Paterson has pushed against fellow Dems by running for governor and has thumbed his nose at NYers by pushing a sugar tax. These things tell me that he will try to stay put.

And yet, there are calls for his resignation. Women's rights groups have called for him to step down, and many say that Paterson is on a political death watch.

Whether or not Paterson steps down, he is a lame duck.

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