Friday, February 26, 2010

Al Roney Gets the Boot at WGY

Though we normally focus on national politics, I feel compelled to write a piece on this. Al Roney, who has held the 9am-12pm slot at WGY for years, is getting replaced by Glenn Beck. The news has been sudden, and conflicting commercials on WGY say that Beck is starting either today or Monday.


Roney Fans are Dedicated.

Now, I don't know why Roney is being fired all of a sudden. Maybe his ratings were poor, maybe GY wants to go in another direction, maybe Mr. Roney did something bad. I do not know. However, something I do know is that I have been listening to Al Roney's show for years and I have never been disappointed. Not only was it a good show, it was by far the best local radio show.

I do remember that Glenn Beck was in the 9am-11:35am slot before Al Roney (at 11:35 they put on Paul Harvey for twenty minutes). It could be that WGY misses the days of Beck. If this goes through, and it appears it will, maybe Mr. Roney could get a later timeslot.

So, from all of us here at Jumping in Pools, we'll miss you Al.

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The Big KC said...

Typical Clear Channel scenario. This is why radio is no longer a medium of worth.

CorruptGovtMedia said...

Save Al Roney!

I can't claim full originality on my letter text (I excerpted from thoughtful text of another loyal listener in a different forum) and I blocked the particulars (as I prefer privacy and my identity is largely irrelevent)...but here is food for thought to those who wish to save the Al Roney Show.

Kristen, Lisa, Tom, Mark, Lowry, and Chuck:

I work for xxxxxx and make a significant (60 mile) morning commute from my home in xxxxxx, NY. I was formerly a content and loyal listener to WGY while I travel particularly to hear Al Roney. Al has a stimulating approach to discussing topics that are both pertinent to our local region as well as more broad topics that affect our nation and world. Al gives a unique perspective and really encourages the listener to think outside the box and challenge themselves. He truly takes things topic by topic without forming a predetermined opinion before each issue is analyzed. I would say Al is about as balanced as a radio personality can be from a political standpoint. This quality is appealing to many people including myself. I’d rather have a local guy who can talk about issues that are important to us here in the Capital Region than another syndicated "talking head" that wants to force feed us their politically-biased, national diatribe for 3 hours. Al is a talented talk show host and I truly believe this is a mistake on WGY’s part and ultimately, on Clear Channel's part. In fact, I have been more worried we’d lose him to a larger market because he is that talented.

Certainly we can agree that NBC (for example) has made many programming missteps in recent years that met with the displeasure of their viewers and lost marketshare as a result. Including the Late Night fiasco that they continue to struggle with….In my opinion, this, on a much smaller scale is just as bad of a decision for WGY and it’s advertisers.

It is my understanding that many of your advertisers are disappointed in your decision to discontinue Al's show too. I hereby voice my displeasure (as have and will countless other former WGY listeners in this market) and hope that you reconsider, reconcile with, and bring Al Roney back… We deserve his talent on air locally and while I’m sure he will find another home….WGY is missing the boat on this one. From a generational standpoint and given the demographics of your audience I can tell you that Al is very relevant. He can appeal to those in their 20’s and those in their 60’s and all ages in between (I’m a “young” 48). You will lose me as a listener. I know for myself and many others we do NOT identify with Glenn Beck and losing a relevant local personality is truly a great loss. Perhaps you have forgotten the rapidly diminishing reception that Glenn Beck has received from the WGY listenership in the past. I cannot imagine much has changed with that lack of regard for Glenn from the WGY listenership since then either. We simply do not need or benefit from another syndicated simulcast program that has no connection with local issues which require our attention...and in many cases...action.

For the good of the Capital Region...and ultimately New York State as a whole...and vicariously...the entire nation...please reinstate the Al Roney Show in its traditional format.

Remorsefully yours,