Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Abolish the Senate?

I can't believe I am writing this, but some liberals are asking whether or not we should abolish the United States Senate from existence. Liberals have long proposed removing crucial elements from the United States Constitution to suit their political ambitions, but this is treason.

With the election of Scott Brown to Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat, Democrats in DC seemed to give up on getting any major legislation passed. 59 votes (well, 58 and Joe Lieberman) was just not good enough. The blame has been flying–it’s Obama’s fault, Rahm Emanuel’s, Harry Reid’s–but what if the problem simply is the Senate?

What can we change? Would eliminating the filibuster–the so-called “nuclear option” back when Republicans were suggesting it–be enough, or is the Senate, with its two-Senators-per-state-regardless-of-population mandate, just too fundamentally undemocratic?

What in the hell has happened to this nation! American citizens are pondering whether or not we should abolish the United States Senate, while blaming the institution for their problems instead of the socialistic agenda they're pushing through. Not to be a buzzkill, but the United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy.

For the past two hundred years, America has operated as a successful Republic, while dictatorships, communist regimes, democracies and tribal governments have failed. The Senate is a crucial piece in the Republic puzzle, one that our socialistic counterparts are proposing we eliminate.

What has happened to this Nation....

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Harrison said...

That is a retarded idea but anybody can say something like this. Doesn't mean their opinions actually count for anything.

The House used to be elected by the State legislature but that was changed. Still, the Senate is the counter-balance to the passions of the House.

ndanielson said...

A repeal of the 17th Amendment will fix the problem just fine. We need to start circulating a petition to repeal the 17th Amendment.

Surfers paradise said...

I like the Senate. I see it as an extra roadblock to prevent Congress from passing bad legislation. Gridlock is an important part of the Constitution that I don't think most people consider.