Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiger Woods to speak to the American people...

I have a feeling Tiger Woods will be remembered as the greatest golfer during our lifetimes, however, I have another feeling that Tiger Woods will be remembered as a gigantic embarrassment to professional golf, because of his cheating streak with over twelve women.

Tiger Woods has long held the nice guy persona, as his sexual exploits with multiple women was unknown to the American public, causing an uncontrollable backlash and prompting a press conference for tomorrow. This press conference could either be a massive waste of time to cover or Tiger Woods is seriously attempting to win back the American people.

Being a small fan of golf, I expect Tiger Woods to be remembered as the greatest golfer in America's inaugural decade of the second millennium, but being a social conservative who doesn't condone these immoral acts, married or otherwise, I expect Tiger Woods to waste valuable news coverage and several hours of time, that millions of Americans will never get back.

Looking at this from a political viewpoint, who in their right mind would want to watch a press conference of another fallen icon attempting to mend their personal relationship with fans. Meanwhile, CPAC will be entering its second afternoon of Conservatism, Barack Obama is bound to release some embarrassing documents and news as the weekend begins and Team USA will continue to kick ass on national television.

In conclusion, will I be watching Tiger Woods tomorrow? Not if I have choice, which according to the United States Constitution, I do.

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