Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview With Barack Obama's Cousin

We at Jumping in Pools are proud to present interview number 59 in our continuing interview series. This time we're interviewing Dr. Milton Wolf, editor of the Wolf Files and maternal cousin to the President. From his about page: I am a practicing diagnostic radiologist with sub-specialization in oncology, musculoskeletal and cardiac imaging. I currently practice at the Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Johnson County Imaging Center and Kansas City Cancer Center in Shawnee Mission, KS.

1. When and why did you start the Wolf Files?

Although Barack Obama is my cousin, as a practicing physician, I stand opposed to ObamaCare or any other form of government-run health care. Instead I stand for my patients, my profession and ultimately my country. I consider this a call to duty and launched The Wolf Files in January. I recognize also that health care is but one arena where our liberties are under assault. I champion individual liberty, the free market, low taxes, personal responsibility, property rights and a strong national defense. Wherever our freedoms are at risk, I’ll be there.

2. As the President's cousin, have you met the man and how are your relations with his branch of the family?

I am proud to call the McCurry family my own. We are the maternal side of the president’s family. Among us are doctors & lawyers, soldiers & teachers, CEO’s & workers. We are a diverse group in just about every way – ethnically, politically, geographically – but we are family. I claim to speak for no one at The Wolf Files but myself although it’s safe to say that we are all very proud of Barack’s achievements – and America’s – particularly in respect to the acceptance of diversity. I strictly limit my public opinions to policy rather than family matters. As far as my difference in opinions with any other members of the family in particular, I’ll just say that I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m seated at the kids’ table next Thanksgiving.

3. Has President Obama disappointed you thus far? Has he exceeded expectations?

I make no secret that I have a very different vision for America than does Barack. He believes in the government and I believe in the people. I envision an America where the government values liberty and an empowered people are allowed, even encouraged, to self-govern. I ascribe no malice towards Barack’s motivations, but I do believe his understanding of our country is simply wrong.

Barack’s statist agenda is not at all surprising but neither is the impressive libertarian renaissance that it has engendered. We are seeing this namely in the form of the Tea Party movement. Indeed, it is quite heartening to see the people remind the ruling class – much to their chagrin -- that their opportunity to govern is only loaned to them at the discretion of the people.

4. Any favorites for the 2012 GOP nomination yet?

There are many contenders I find interesting though I have no affiliation with anyone yet. Palin is fascinating and Gingrich is intriguing. Both would have their own challenges. I’ve long admired Romney as an incredibly capable man. Huckabee probably is the best gifted at connecting to an audience. Pawlenty and Thune are also interesting. I’m actually very excited about and welcome the tea party movement contribution to the process. I believe it will make for the best possible nominating process.

5. What is the best part of running your site?

The Wolf Files has given me the opportunity to meet and hear from a number of interesting people across the country. It’s really been fun. Plus there’s Joe Biden. My readers know that I have an irreverent and, at times, snarky sense of humor and, let’s face it, Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Have you considered running for public office?

At this point in my life, with the demands of a medical practice, running a business and caring for a family, it’s hard to imagine running for office. Still, if we indeed hold dear our nation, at some point, we must be willing to take a stand, put aside personal pursuits and fight for our vision of America.

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