Saturday, January 9, 2010

Conservative bloggers invading Massachusetts!

The world must be upside down, Conservatives are traveling too Massachusetts to campaign for a Republican candidate, who actually has a legitimate chance of being elected to the United States Senate, against all odds. Several weeks ago, just a few in the Conservative blogosphere would bother to listen about the Senate race, now the entire blogosphere, Twitterings, Facebook postings, and news coverage is surrounding the race, and Scott Brown, the Republican candidate.

William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection is in Massachusetts as I write this, covering the Massachusetts Senate election at Scott Brown's campaign headquarters, providing the Conservative blogosphere and media with on the ground reports, and updates, as well as the opinions of Brown staffers, and the voters.

Across America, R.S. McCain of The Other McCain is considering a trip to Massachusetts next week, after traveling to California for the National championship game this week, visiting Florida to cover the last stop of the Tea Party Express last month, and New York's 23rd special congressional election back in November, to cover Doug Hoffman and the close election that ensued.

Living in New York, I could drive to Massachusetts, cover the special election for a few weeks, and perhaps score an interview with Scott Brown himself, however, with Jumping in Pools a small site compared to Legal Insurrection or The Other McCain, I do not see much financial benefit of making the trip.

Regardless, the initial statement of the article remains, Conservative bloggers are invading Massachusetts, in hopes of covering one of the most important elections in our time, from a Conservative perspective, and to gauge our real chances and hopes amongst the electorate. Not to mention, Conservatives are no longer satisfied with the Main Stream Media or anyone else telling us the news, we want to see and report the news, ourselves.

This election will have national implications on the United States Senate, the Democratic caucus, and Democratic attempts to jam through health care legislation, however, this election will also have an impact inside the Conservative blogosphere, as our transformation from simple bloggers to investigative reporters is close to completion.

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