Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interview: Reaganite Republican

Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 47th interview in our continuing interview series. This time we're interviewing a friend of our blog, the Reaganite Republican. Please check out this site and bookmark it if you like it!

1. When and why did you start the Reaganite Republican?

Ha, when Obama was elected, the very next-day. I needed an outlet to vent the frustration of not being able
to sway enough people from voting for the guy, basically. All I had done during the campaign was send-out group e-mails, discuss the issues with anyone willing to do so in good faith, and engage in some debate on blogs and forums, etc- and the whole experience of fighting such an unthinking, cult-like mass fad was incredibly frustrating.

I felt the country was making a terrible mistake with Obama, he was unqualified for the job and was nothing like he was purported to be. Even though it was too late for the election at that point, perhaps I could help to slow-down the statist agenda until the backlash reached critical mass in 2009-2010, which was sure to come. In any event, opposition to Obama looked like a growth industry from that point-onward, with an expanding base of potential readers.. which it has certainly turned-out to be.

2. What has been President Obama's best accomplishment in office? Worst?

Well, abandonment of pledges to withdraw from Iraq and close Gitmo were well-advised, if breaking specious campaign promises qualifies as an accomplishment. There is little of Barack Obama's world view or agenda that I find appealing, just, or logical... truth be told.

But it's also hard to name the single worst move at this point, as what he's done is sew the seeds for future catastrophes through reckless spending at home and a Pollyana-pacifist sort of diplomacy. Be it inflationary pressures/dollar crash, swelling unemployment, losses on the battlefield, or a nuclear Iran- the sad truth is that we'll be seeing soon-enough which of these misguided policies brings the country the most serious and lasting damage- we could be facing anything from comprehensive economic collapse to a Russian invasion of Ukraine or even an all-out ME war, like Israel vs Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas.

3. Any favorites for 2012 yet?

LIke many other Americans, what I want is Reagan 2.0, or something closely approximating that- minimalist government, vibrant markets, and a strong defense, while making no undue apologies for being the USA.

That all sounds a lot like Sarah Palin to me... there's likely no holding her back over the long run, a huge political talent, a natural- you can't teach what she's got, plus brave, principled, and competent, too. The Arctic Fox is IMO a viable antidote to what we're stuck with now, and clearly not cowed by a vicious MSM or Alinskyite Obama administration. Question is how fast she rises.. is it this time? Smitty at The Other McCain floated the idea of Palin-Patraeus 2012 in my comments section once... I do like that, they'd complement each other quite well. BTW, I'm seriously considering a "Repeal ObamaCare" personal litmus-test for any GOP candidates.

While I'll be keeping an open mind regarding any and all other candidates, Romney is weakened by HC initiatives as Governor that so closely resemble ObamaCare, as well as his lack of courage in NY-23 and other conservative causes screaming-out for leadership and support.. only Palin seems to have the foresight and guts to embrace the TEA party movement. Too often when something really needs to be said, it's just Dick/Liz Cheney and Sarah that stand-up to the power-drunk Obama administration... when few else outside of Fox and talk-radio will stick their neck out. And just forget about the Huckster- not only is his economic populism is pure drivel, but the recent Willie Horton moment appears to have done him in for good.

4. Do you believe that the GOP can take Congress this year?

Sure, but of course depends on events- if inflation from incremental Porkulus spending and the Fed's print-money bender begins to bite as the economy drags-along into 2010, and/or we are handed a humiliating diplomatic or military setback abroad, the Democrats could be facing a real bloodbath.. Dick Morris said they could lose 100 seats. I do feel that big GOP gains are absolutely essential to preserving liberty and opportunity in this country... today's statist "Progressives" are way, way out of control. They are taking measures daily to limit freedom and democracy, while expanding their power and fixing future elections in cahoots with "community organizers" like ACORN and the SIEU... and must be stopped now. Obama has displayed the luck of the devil to this point... but that appears to be finally running out.

5. Anything else you'd like to tell everyone out in internetland?

Please do all you can to keep up the Good Fight going into 2010, and don't despair- our opponents are ruthless, occupy the greatest positions of power in the country, employ anti-democratic tactics, and are habitually dishonest in almost every way... but constitutionally-aware patriots are the ones in the white hats... and our side is winning now.

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