Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let the good times roll!

Conservative Republicans have been looking forward to the November 2010 elections for a long time, however, the overwhelming excellent news that has been announced over the past 24 hours, is lifting our spirits like never before.

In Massachusetts, Scott Brown has a good chance at defeating his Democratic opponent, as polling numbers of possible voters has him within 9% points, while polling of definite voters has him within 2% points, and becoming the first elected Republican to the United States Senate in decades is.......within reach.

In North Dakota, Senator Dorgan has announced his retirement from the United States Senate, due to plummeting poll numbers, and the absolute hatred of the health care legislation just passed in the Senate. Leaving Republicans with a Senate seat we can win with ease.

In Connecticut, Senator Christopher Dodd has announced his retirement from the United States Senate, as numerous scandals has rocked his polling numbers and support in the general election against the eventual Republican nominee in November, however, with Dodd out of the race, Republican chances of capturing the seat seem bleak.

In Colorado, Governor Ritter who is a one term Democrat, will not be seeking a second term in the Governor's office. The information was leaked to the Associated Press, and the reasons behind the retirement can be based on poor polling numbers against all perspective Republican candidates.

In addition to the fantastic news above, Congressman Griffith switched to the Republican side a few weeks ago, Congressman King (R) might be running for the Republican nomination in the United States Senate election after all this upcoming November, and Republican chances of retaking the House of Representatives is improving on a regular basis.

We are not in the midst of coincidental retirements from various offices across America, we are witnessing the Democratic surrender of 2010, as the Conservative Republican revolution is becoming to strong for our Democratic counterparts to fight against, leaving them no choice, but to retire in shame.

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