Friday, January 1, 2010

Mr.K vs. Matthew Avitabile, battle of the predictions.

Last year, when Jumping in Pools had a readership of fifteen, Matthew Avitabile (the boss) and I (the rookie), made predictions regarding the future of the world. Well, lets take a look at the predictions, and who is smarter.

Gas - Matt predicted $3.09, I predicted $3.67, with gasoline prices under three dollars, Matthew was closer.

Oil - Matt predicted $91 dollars per barrel, I predicted $124 dollars per barrel, with Oil well below one hundred dollars, Matthew is again the closest.

JIP Readership - Matt predicted 120 readers to the blog, I predicted 234 readers to the blog (daily readers), with the website well above 234, I was off, but closer to realistic numbers.

Obama approval - Matt predicted 53% approval, I predicted 45% approval for Obama, Rasmussen has Obama in the forties, and Real Clear Politics has Obama at 49.8%, leaving me closer to Obama's approval, but Matt is within the margin...................however, I am closer.

Iran bomb - Matt, no....but close. Me, Yes... - Iran does not have a bomb, but they're close. Matt was correct.

Israeli attack on Iran - Matt, Yes. Me, No....but soon - Israel has not attacked Iran, leaving me the victor on this prediction.

Obama scandal - Matt, No. Me, Perhaps. I believe we were both wrong, as the Obama administration has had scandal after scandal, but neither of us called it.

Osama dead or captured - Matt, Yes. Me, No. The dickhead is still around, meaning I was right, sadly.

MLB standings - Matt predicted a Mets record of 84-78, I predicted a Braves record of 79-83. The Mets ended the season 70-92, the Braves ended the season 86-76, leaving me closer, but both of us wrong.

World Series Champs - Matt predicted the Yankees would win it all, I predicted the Redsox would win it all. Guess who was right, Matt.

Other predictions -

Matt, predicted the value of Gold over $1,000 dollars an ounce, he was correct.

Me, well I predicted that Republicans would win the Governorship in New Jersey, but not in Virginia, so I was right and wrong.

Matt vs. Mr.K results -

Matt was correct or close on four predictions, and I was correct or close on four predictions, and we were both wrong on two predictions.

Matt, I am on for round two!

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Matthew Avitabile said...

Looks good-- I'm going to have some more soon

Michael Avitabile said...

Under Obama approval you have you as being closer when in fact Matt was nearer to the actual numbers. Just a head's up.