Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama Was an Incompetent State Senator-- His Transcripts on the Floor

I was digging around the President's Illinois State Senate Record and found an interesting exchange from 1997, when he proposed a bill to help community college students. All of this can be found here, the official record of the Illinois State Senate. This is undoctored and direct from the record:

UPDATE: Senator Caroll is a Democrat!



These are all from the March 13th, 1997 session. His further records can be looked up on the state database. See what you can find!

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Anonymous said...

Even back then, with out a teleprompter Obama is toast.

Anonymous said...

mmmjvpssm said...

If you had dug around a little more you would have seen the part where the "incompetent" Obama's legislation passed by 57 to 0

Anonymous said...

@ mmmjvpssm

Says something pretty negative about the Illinois legistlators then.

James said...

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Leslie (a guy) in Chicagoland said...

It's worth reading the whole exchange while Obama was sponsoring his bill - it's pps. 112-123. BTW, it's his first bill, and these guys are absolutely reaming him. Obviously, they know firsthand how he came to office and aren't about to cut him any slack.