Thursday, January 7, 2010

To those who linked Jumping in Pools 4.

"All good things come, to those who have linked Jumping in Pools".

Link unto those, who link you.

Jumping in Pools published a post last weekend calling on all readers to visit The Lonely Conservative, well linked us in return, we appreciate it.

Predictions are special, like unlimited linkage.

Matthew Avitabile and Mr.K (me) have made predictions for the year ahead of us, as the battle of two intellectual Conservatives will continue. linked our predictions, and we offer him a prediction - "He that links, shall receive links in return".

Smitty loves interviews.

The Other McCain was represented by Smitty during a recent interview, and the linkage in return has been gracious. We thank and , and wish them a happy new year!

Graney is a Conservative.

The Libertarian Republican linked an Jumping in Pools article with candidate Tim Graney, and exploded on the issue of legalization of drugs, and the offensive nature of anti-libertarian comments during the interview. While we disagree with the Libertarian response, we ask all readers to visit , a source of reliable news and interesting opinion.

Conservative coalition for Scott Brown.

William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection included Jumping in Pools in an article thanking members of the Conservative blogosphere for supporting Scott Brown's campaign, we appreciate the linkage, and we ask readers to visit , and for Mr.Jacobson - Jumping in Pools has supported Scott Brown, before supporting Scott Brown was cool.

Schilling endorses, Libertarian Republican links.

Curt Schilling endorsed Scott Brown's campaign earlier this week, and The Libertarian Republican linked our article on the endorsement, we appreciate the linkage -

American Glob.

Matthew interviewed American Glob, American Glob links the interview -

Scott Brown - going against the odds. and linked an article about Scott Brown's campaign for Senate, and his electoral past in Massachusetts - an electoral past, filled with success, while going against the odds.

Thanks to all linkers!

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