Monday, January 4, 2010

Interview: Mr. K of JiP

Mr. K has been writing for our humble site for over a year now. He's contributed lots of articles and has gotten us on Instapundit twice. He's forged a close relationship with The Other McCain and other conservative blogs. He interviewed Doug Hoffman and other candidates for Congress. This is number 39 in our interview series.

1. What do you believe has been your best accomplishment since writing for JiP?
Interviewing Doug Hoffman during the special election in New York's 23rd congressional district. I was given fifteen minutes to prepare, then a candidate for the House of Representatives called me for a brief interview......greatest moment as a writer for Jumping in Pools.

2. What has been President Obama's best accomplishment in office?
Besides energizing the Conservative movement like never before.........Nope.

3. Worst?
Is there one little thing we can point towards as the worst accomplishment? As I must answer the question, being elected was the worst accomplishment of Obama's time in office.

4. Do you believe that the US has won the War in Iraq?
I believed we won the War in Iraq two years ago. With this idiot in charge, I just hope we can retain that accomplishment.

5. If a strong third party candidate runs for President in 2012 how much will it hurt the Republican Party?
How much did Ralph Nader hurt Al Gore in 2000? Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin stole two states from John McCain in 2008. If a strong third party candidate arises, a second term for Barack Obama is guaranteed.

6. Do you believe that the GOP will retake Congress this year?
We need to capture 40 congressional districts to retake the House of Representatives. While that might seem high, Republicans gained 54 seats during the 1994 Conservative revolution, and the Conservative Republican movement is ten times stronger in 2010 than it was in 1994. So yes, I believe a Republican will be the Speaker of the House.

7. Where do you see the blog in a year?
Well, as long as Insta Pundit gives us a few linkings, The Other McCain continues to exist, and folks are still interested in the site, we shall prevail.

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