Monday, February 1, 2010

Congressman Moran can be defeated.

Congressman Jim Moran (D- Virginia's 8th congressional district) is the representative of radical liberalism in the House of Representatives, as he has made numerous offensive comments against Jewish Americans and their "support" of the Iraqi War, regular Americans who oppose civilian trials for enemies of the United States, and suggested that Ed Shultz of MSNBC, should run for Congress. Not to mention, Congressman Moran is a devout supporter of government run health care, taxation on the populace, abortion on demand, weakening American and Israeli defenses, while wasting millions in American tax dollars through the use of pork barrel projects.

"How could such a man be a member of Congress". The sane individual might ponder, well belonging to a congressional district that is D+16, supported Barack Obama with 69 percent of the vote in 2008 and resides in the Northern portion of Virginia is as good as an answer you'll receive. However, that could change with the November elections just nine months away, according to a poll released earlier in the morning from a candidate seeking the Republican nomination.

Matthew Berry, a former Clerk for Justice Clarance Thomas of the neighboring Supreme Court, is the leading Republican candidate to challenge Moran, which is good news for Conservatives and Republicans across Virginia, because the election is tight between the two candidates. When the voters were informed of both candidates' experience and background, Congressman Moran's grip of Virginia's 8th congressional district dropped from a election high of 68% of the vote in 2008 to just 44% in January of 2010.

44% of voters want to re-elect Congressman Moran, while 41% would prefer a Congressman Berry represent them in the halls of Congress, resulting in a statistical dead heat, despite the overwhelming advantage of registered democrats to registered republicans in the Virginia district.

We can win in Massachusetts. We can win in Wisconsin. We can win in Virginia's 8th congressional district in November, I ask that all Conservatives who can, support Matthew Berry in his effort to unseat one of the liberalist members of Congress, because this is 2010.......all electoral dreams are possible. Including the dream of a fiscal conservative, constitutional supporting, strong national defense Republican candidate seeking election to the House of Representatives in a historic democratic district.

It's amazing, just twelve months of complete Democratic rule can transform liberal bastions into Republican hunting grounds.

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