Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Congressman Murtha's condition is grave.

According to Politico, Congressman John Murtha is in intensive care.
Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha was in intensive care at a Virginia hospital Tuesday because of serious complications related to gall bladder surgery last week.

Murtha’s congressional office confirmed that he underwent scheduled laparoscopic surgery to remove his gallbladder at Bethesda Naval Hospital last week. The congressman’s spokesman refused comment on his condition or what sent him back to the hospital but two persons said it appeared Murtha’s intestine had been cut inadvertently during the gall bladder removal.


Dave Catanese of Politico, tweeted the following message an hour ago, "Senior cong. officials say that Rep. John Murtha's condition is grave. Lots of sad Dems tonight on the Hill.", leaving Representatives and political operatives in angst over the condition of the Congressman.

Known for his false accusation against Iraqi War Veterans, wasting millions in tax dollars through the use of earmarks and voting in support of government run health care a few months ago, Congressman Murtha's medical condition could have a profound impact on the upcoming legislative battles in the House of Representatives.

Murtha impact on health care

As explained in an earlier article a few weeks ago, our Democratic counterparts are on troubled ground when it comes to health care legislation in the House of Representatives, where the initial legislation was passed a few months ago.

220 legislators supported the legislation, while 215 legislators opposed the legislation. A lot has changed over the past few months, as Congressman Cao (the lone Republican who supported the legislation) is back on our side, Congressman Wexler of Florida's 19th congressional district resigned a few weeks ago, Congressman Space (who supported the legislation in November) has announced his opposition and Congressman Abercromie will be resigning in a few weeks.

Leaving us with 217 legislators opposed to the legislation and 217 legislators supportive of the legislation, with Congressman Abercrombie resigning soon. Not to mention, Congressman Stupak does not support the legislation in its current form and the passing or a sustained illness to Congressman Murtha will furthermore cripple the legislation.

I hope Congressman Murtha recovers, but it appears bleak in a Virginia hospital on this night and it appears we might be having a special election in the Keystone state soon.

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I hope he pulls through.

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