Friday, February 12, 2010

CPAC credentials for me? NOPE.

The Conservative Political Action Conference has once again won me over as the greatest gathering of Conservatives in America. I received an email this morning from Erick Erickson, perhaps one of our few Conservative blogosphere leaders and the man in charge of distributing credentials to eager right-of-center bloggers across the nation.

Dear Tim:

Unfortunately we've run out of space in the bloggers lounge and I had to deny you credentials into the lounge. I made best efforts to get everyone in and put conservatives first, but at the end of the day there were more applicants than spaces.

I'm sorry about that, but will flag your name for next year's CPAC. Please note that though this email just notes you were unable to get credentialed for the Bloggers Lounge, you are still able to come to CPAC itself.

Thanks for understanding,

Erick-Woods Erickson

No problem at all. I had no intention of attending CPAC (well, to be honest, I would've attempted a trip to Washington if I received credentials), I applied to see if the largest gathering of Conservatives have some blogger standards. Well, I doubted them, because they do.

No worries to all of those who read this article, I am planning a trip to the New York State Young Republicans meeting in a few weeks, which will feature our next generation of Republican leaders in the Empire state.

Also, I'm still calling on all attendees of CPAC to vote Senator John DeMint for President during their annual straw poll.

P.S. - I plan on attending CPAC for real next conference, so to whomever a CPAC Credentials email comes to : This time it's for real.

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The Lonely Conservative said...

You should go anyway. I'll be there, but only Saturday. I have credentials but might have a snafu. Maybe I could ask that they be given to you. Let me know.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Oh, and I will be voting for DeMint in the straw poll:)