Monday, February 1, 2010

Illinois Republican Primaries tomorrow - Who to vote for.

Illinois will be holding Republican Primaries for hundreds of elected offices tomorrow, with a chance of overturning Democratic rule in the air, Conservatives need to know who to support, because this election could be crucial in the land of Lincoln and across America. I've done some research and I feel the best candidates for the most important jobs, are the ones listed below (all Republicans).

Gubernatorial election - Andy McKenna.
Senatorial election - Congressman Mark Kirk.
2nd congressional district - Isaac Hayes.
3rd congressional district - Michael Bendas.
5th congressional district - Rosanna Pulido.
6th congressional district - Congressman Roskam.
7th congressional district - Mark Weiman.
8th congressional district - Joe Walsh.
9th congressional district - Joel Pollak.
10th congressional district - Dick Green.
11th congressional district - War Veteran - Adam Kinzinger.
12th congressional district - Theresa Kormos.
13th congressional district - Congresswoman Biggert.
14th congressional district - Randy Hultgren.
15th congressional district - Congressman Johnson.
16th congressional district - Congressman Manzullo.
17th congressional district - Bobby Schilling.
18th congressional district - Congressman Schock.
19th congressional district - Congressman Shimkus.

I believe all of the above mentioned candidates are good enough for Conservative support, as the upcoming 2010 congressional elections offer us a electoral chance we'll not have often, thus these candidates are the best of the best. Most of the above mentioned candidates are straight-line Conservatives, but some are Moderate Republicans who can win in tough districts, and I would rather have a Republican Congressman whom I agree with 70% of the time instead of a Democratic Congressman I agree with 10% of the time.

Remember to vote tomorrow and vote Republican!

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Anonymous said...

Dick "Col. Sanders" Green and Andy "stole from the state GOP" McKenna. Seriously? Why don't you just give the Dems the offices in Novmber.

Dick is a good guy, but a terrible general election candidate. Dold ain't any better. My support is for Arie Friedman. A conservative who can win in November.

Southern Man said...

I don't know enough to support candidates from Illinois but I have faith that the conservatives (long suppressed) out there know how to vote for. Let's pray they make the right choices.

Mael said...

Mark Kirk is a liberal. He is anti-gun, has a 100% rating from pro abortion groups, supports the gay activist agenda, he supports radical environmentalism, voted for cap and trade, has supported millions in earmarks and spending, he voted against the surge in Iraq. He is rated in the top 10 liberal Republicans. He is a disaster. We don't need him we need a mainstream conservative like businessman Patrick Hughes.

Springfield Reformer said...

Adam Andrzejewski is clearly a better choice. You recommend McKenna, yet Mckenna is brazenly insulting the voters of Illinois by presenting himself as an "outsider," when nothing could be further from the truth. There are serious and credible allegations he has abused his power as state committee chair. Google "Pollgate." I could go on. There is more.

But Mark Kirk is the worst possible choice for those who want to see a revival of conservatism in Illinois. Kirk voted for the budget-busting Cap & Trade debacle, bad not just because it was fiscally irresponsible, but because Cap & Trade gives the nanny government the right to peek inside your home 24/7 and directly control your personal energy use choices. That's a freedom-buster, and more conformant to socialist objectives than the American ideal of constitutionally protected individual liberty.

But worst of all, Mark Kirk supports partial birth abortion, the act of sucking the brains out of an almost born baby. If he's really OK with that, one wonders what other horrible violations of our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness he might be comfortable with.

Patrick Hughes for Senate, on the other hand, would be an excellent choice for conservative-minded voters.