Thursday, February 4, 2010

Republican controlled Senate? What it will take.

It's hard to believe we are talking about a Republican controlled Senate after the walloping we've endured over the past two elections, including a loss of 8 Republican controlled seats in November of 2008. Then again, this is no longer 2006 or 2008, President Bush is retired and living in Texas and Democrats have complete control of Washington, I'm surprised it took this long.

Most if not all "political wizkids" are predicting substantial Republican gains in the Senate, but brush off the idea of Republicans retaking the Senate, which would require a Republican takeover in ten seats, an unreal electoral achievement, but plausible under the political circumstances of the hour.

Obama's radical agenda of socialism, national weakness, government control, rampant corruption and Chicago politics has not been well received in America, as millions of dazed voters are regretting their Obama votes and millions more are regretting their political absence during the 2008 Presidential election.

With an established background of Democratic control wavering, Obama's agenda scaring the hell out of regular folks across the good 'ole USA and Republicans within reach of retaking the Senate in nine months (we all owe Senator Brown for that), the question is not if our Republican brethren achieve such an electoral accomplishment, but what will it take?

What will it take? Republican victories in North Dakota, Delaware, Arkansas, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana, Connecticut, California or Wisconsin. There are also Republican rumblings in New York (both seats) and Washington, leaving Republicans with fourteen potential seats to challenge that could result in retaking the Senate.

Is this amazing or what? In December of 2008 the political condition of Republicanism was declared dead than Barack Obama and his socialistic thieves took power, now Republicanism is more popular than pancakes on the weekend. Who would've imagined such an outcome. I also have to thank Rush Limbaugh for remaining a defender of Republicanism with Conservatism, because if Republicans jumped ship to a new political front, we would've been dead on arrival.

Obama's agenda will be dead in nine months, however, how much political power will Republicans have? Control of the House? Control of the Senate? Control of both Houses of Congress? I have no idea, but I do know the political agenda of Obama is over and we're gonna rewrite the electoral maps in November.

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