Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints win - Review of Super Bowl 44.

Saints - 31
Colts - 17

The New Orleans Saints have been crowned the football champions of the world, winning in a game that was closer than the final score indicates. After four decades in the National Football League, New Orleans has just attended and won their first Super Bowl championship ever, quite the accomplishment for a team that was relocated after Hurricane Katrina a few years ago.

Despite the horrific performance of The Who, Super Bowl 44 was a great game, the commercials were awesome (not all of them, but the coffin-Doritos commercial was the bomb) and I can't imagine not spending the past three hours watching Super Bowl 44, how some people do it....I have no idea.

Drew Brees was phenomenal under pressure, the Saints defense contained Manning and the thousands of Saint fans in the stands, made their presence known. Quite the Super Bowl, but the game was a lot closer than the final score indicates (Colts were driving down the field, before New Orleans returned an interception for a Touchdown, securing the 31-17 win).

Well, a long National Football League season is now over. Teams across the nation will evaluate their head coaches, rosters and college standouts as the NFL Draft approaches in April. I hope Super Bowl 45 will produce a championship team that has longed to be mentioned for decades, the New York Jets.

We shall see. Until then, I expect the writings of this Conservative blogger to be just that, the writings of a Conservative blogger.

Congrats to the Saints, lets go Jets!

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