Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl 44 - Colts vs. Saints.

Super Bowl 44 prediction

The greatest show on earth will be broad casted to all four corners of the earth this evening, as the Indianapolis Colts of the American Football Conference and the New Orleans Saints of the National Football Conference will battle for three hours this evening, to be crowned the football champions of the world.

Being a New York Jets fan, in combination with the schedule, I had the pleasure of observing both teams through out the regular season, however, one team made a lasting impression, while the other made a lasting depression.

The Saints defeated the Jets with ease during their week four match up in New Orleans, as Drew Brees was masterful and Darren Sharper is a magician of Zone defense. Not to mention, Mark Sanchez was a complete wreck.

On the other hand we have Indianapolis, a team the Jets were able to defeat once and competed quite well against during the AFC championship game two weeks ago, but Manning was to strong and the Colt fans were too vicious.

Both of these teams are deserving of a Super Bowl, however, just one can bring home the title. With that mind, in addition to a little consideration and consultation with the unmitigated facts, I am predicting the New Orleans Saints will defeat the Indianapolis Colts 41-38 in Overtime. Reggie Bush will be the Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player.


I'm also hoping the commercials will be stellar this evening, as a new mixture of political and tax dollar produced commercials will be airing tonight, in addition to the regular cast of humor driven commercials that attempt to cause laughter, I stress attempt. The last few Super Bowls have been less than stellar when it comes to their all important commercials, however, I have a good feeling about tonight.


The Who? Give me a break.

Will the curse of me continue?

2009 AFC Championship - I predicted the Jets would win.....who am I kidding?
2009 BCS Championship - I predicted Texas would slaughter Alabama......bust.
Super Bowl 43 - I predicted the Arizona Cardinals would prevail, Pittsburgh wound up winning.
Super Bowl 42 - I predicted the NY Giants would win, Plaxico Burress did not let me down.
Super Bowl 41 - I predicted Da Bears would Da-feet Indianapolis, I was wrong.
Super Bowl 40 - I predicted Seattle would win it all, however, the Steelers and the Referees thought otherwise.
Super Bowl 39 - I predicted Philadelphia would win, New England once again crushed all hopes.
Super Bowl 38 - I predicted Carolina would win, New England receives another last second miracle.
Super Bowl 37 - I predicted Tampa Bay would prevail, what do you know - I was right for once.
Super Bowl 36 - I predicted the Rams would kick ass, however, the evil that is New England prevailed against all odds.

That's right, I am 2-6 in Super Bowl predictions and 0-2 in football predictions alone this year. I hope God is watching over New Orleans, because the curse of me has been released upon their Super Bowl hopes, I hope I am wrong about the curse of me, but being a Jets fan.....I have to blame our suffering on something.

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The Lonely Conservative said...

Could they have found older guys for the entertainment? Sheesh!