Thursday, February 4, 2010

Terrorism : According to Warren Redlich.

In the coming months, Republican voters will have to choose between Rick Lazio and Warren Redlich as their nominee in the upcoming Gubernatorial election, meaning several issues will be debated on a regular basis through campaigning and advertisements, however, I have a feeling Mr.Redlich will attempt to whitewash his unpopular and idiotic statements on National defense.

September eleventh, 2006 was a tough time for a lot of Americans. Millions across the Empire state and America remembered the terrorist attacks on our homeland and the brave passengers who initiated the War on Terrorism on Flight 93. Warren Redlich didn't see it in that point of view, in fact he blamed America for September eleventh.

There's been quite a bit of press about September 11th since today is the 5th anniversary. It seems to be mainly press, as I haven't noticed anyone chatting about it outside the media, but I'll take a swipe at it anyway.

I'm focused on the causes of terrorism, or more particularly, the reasons why terrorists would attack the United States. One popular notion, often espoused by President Bush, is that they hate us because we love freedom and democracy. I tried to find a nice way to say it but the best I can do is this: that's a load of crap.

We are hated by many because of our decades-long policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries. We have troops all over the world. We have supported unsavory insurgents in some countries (especially South America but also Afghanistan and Iraq) and unsavory governments in others (such as Pakistan). There's always some kind of rationale for our involvement. Sometimes we act for the right reasons and on occasion we even do good things. But on balance our interventions across the world have led to little progress for our own interests, and even less for all these places we're mucking around. Meanwhile our presence and interventions lead many people to dislike us.

Imagine if you and your wife were having a fight, and your neighbor came over and kept saying your wife was right and you were wrong. You might get a bit annoyed at your neighbor. If your wife has any sense she'd be annoyed at him too.

Nowhere in the discussion about 9-11 do we see anyone advocating a less interventionist foreign policy. I'll say it. We should stop wasting money maintaining troops all over the world and stop wasting money intervening in the domestic affairs of other countries. Instead we should defend our own borders and take care of our own problems.

Keep in mind that our interventionist foreign policy costs over 10% of the federal budget (and maybe 20%). Add to that the costs of phony efforts to defend ourselves from terrorists who only want to attack us because we're wasting money messing around in their countries, and you're probably to 25% of the budget. So we're spending about $500 billion a year (or nearly $2000 per person - including children) to make ourselves less safe while accomplishing little of substance anywhere.

America was attacked on September eleventh, 2001. Not because of our Military presence in South Korea or Japan (How does that relate to Islamo-Fascists attacking us from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq? Another question for the ages.), but because we are facing the greatest threat to America since Nazism.

Tell me Mr.Redlich, how does our presence in South Korea ignite Islamo-Fascists in Afghanistan? It doesn't. We were attacked because of our freedoms, because of our western civilization where women are allowed to have sunshine hit their faces and because we are a Christian nation, thus we're branded as infidels.

Do we want this man in charge of New York's National Guard? I don't think so! This man is a liberaltarian nut job on National defense, who blames American efforts to spread freedom and defend our allies for the worst attack on American soil in decades, instead of our enemies who murdered 3,000 Americans because of their radical religious doctrines, beliefs and hate for all good things.

What a disgrace of a candidate. Warren Redlich is the representative of Republicans In Name Only not Senator McCain, President Bush or Congressman Lazio.

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david weiss said...

if the cause is our imperialism,how to explain islamo attacks around the world. Pakistan, Norway, Morocco, Indonesia, Egypt, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Nigeria, Sudan, Tunisia, France, Germany, Algeria, Jordan, India come quickly to mind.

Albany Lawyer said...

Mr. K - Your arguments would be more respectable if you could get past the name calling and argue with what I actually said instead of with things I clearly did not say.

For example, I did not connect South Korea or Japan to the 9/11 attacks. You made that up. I did not and do not "blame America" for the attacks.

Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul already had this argument. I support Ron Paul and believe in the blowback theory. You apparently do not.

The RINO insult is also odd coming from you. You appear to support Rudy G.

Yet Rudy is sometimes called a RINO. It's an empty insult.

If you want to have a calm discussion of the issues, I'm happy to do that.

This nation's first George W opposed American involvement overseas. I'm with him. Read his farewell address. It's good stuff.

In case you didn't notice, I'm running for Governor. I have real proposals for NY government.

What do you think of my proposal for a $100K pay cap and $75K pension cap? How about the agencies I propose to eliminate? How about my views on the RKBA?

What does your pal Lazio offer? Does he tell people where he'll cut spending? Does he even say he'll cut anything? I'll answer that one for you - he does not.

Do you really think NY Republicans will support a Wall Street lobbyist who participated in the bailouts and bonuses, and voted for the assault weapons ban?


Anonymous said...

I would think they would certainly support Lazio over a sociopath like Warren Redlich.