Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vote : Is Sarah Palin a dunce for not attending CPAC?

The largest gathering of Conservatives will convene this upcoming weekend, as Conservative politicians, bloggers, journalists and activists meet in Washington to discuss the November elections and Conservatism as a whole. Marco Rubio, Glenn Beck, Senator DeMint, Congressman Pence, Doug Hoffman and Andrew Breitbart will all be there, with the addition of dozens of Conservative individuals of importance.

The lone exception is Sarah Palin, who will not be attending the Conservative Political Action Conference for the second consecutive year, which I believe will hurt her future in national politics. Her reasoning for not attending is based on fault and will hurt her in the end, because CPAC does not need her, she needs them.

What is your opinion? Is Sarah Palin a complete dunce for not attending CPAC or does she have some cunning, masterful, political ingenious tactic up her sleeve?

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wildmanbill said...

mitt romney has been to CPAC for how many years in a row now and where has it got him?

Anonymous said...

Why use the term dunce? The left and MSM are hounding her day in day out. I think calling Sarah a dunce for not going to CPAC (gasp!) and acting like a baby about it is why conservatives lose. They eat their own for perceived infractions of the norm. Sarah isn't the norm. She is exceptional. Let her do it her way without you nipping at her heels.