Sunday, January 10, 2010

Defending Jumping in Pools, Part One

Authors note - the standing of Jumping in Pools has been questioned as of late, and it is time to settle the false claims, once and for all.

Over the past few months, Jumping in Pools has been plagued by false claims, resulting from the "Obama thesis hoax of 2009 backlash." As a hard working Conservative blogger, who loves America and Freedom of Speech, the time is right for Jumping in Pools to fight back, and to fight the awful smears.

On November 27th, Jumping in Pools wrote an article on Glenn Beck's bizarre call for soldiers "not to re-enlist." The Riehl World View linked the article on November 28th; however, several comments on the Riehl World View attempted to discredit this fine website, with smears originating from Gateway Pundit.

Claim number one: "Your source is tainted."

"FYI - Your source is tainted!" was posted on November 28th, linking to Gateway Pundit's article on Jumping in Pools from the thesis hoax backlash. However, the commenter was not finished there, later adding, "Dan, pushing back doesn't ring so true when you use a tainted source."

There is a problem here: how is Jumping in Pools a tainted website or source? Besides from the dire warning posted on Gateway Pundit, warning all Conservative blogs from reading one of the most interesting blogs in the Internet, no one else finds us as "dangerous." We have been linked numerous times from Insta Pundit, Legal Insurrection, The Other McCain, Pundit & Pundette, several congressional campaigns, Jihad Watch, Flopping Aces, and Wizbang, along with numerous other Conservative and Libertarian learning websites.

How can we be a tainted website? We have interviewed numerous Republican candidates for the House of Representatives, including Doug Hoffman during the final stretch of the campaign last election, and we have interviewed some of the most interesting members of the blogosphere - including Jackie Seal (the brave girl who stood against the progressive media dogs), Smitty (co-blogger on The Other McCain), Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, among other bloggers and politicians from our side of the political aisle.

I guess, we're tainted because of a labeled satire article posted in August of 2009, and publicized in October of 2009, which Michael Ledeen of Pajamas Media forgot to recognize as such, leading to a bombshell that led almost all of the Conservative blogosphere and even Rush Limbaugh, to believe a satirical work of fiction, even though it was labeled as such.

Should we be tainted because of Mr.Ledeen's mistake? I don't think so, considering Mr.Ledeen admitted to making a mistake, and also admitted to being a mastermind of satire from his earlier years as a writer.


Jumping in Pools is not a tainted website, for numerous reasons.

Reason one - Jumping in Pools has been linked from Insta Pundit, Legal Insurrection, The Other McCain, Libertarian Republican, The Lonely Conservative, Jihad Watch, Doug Powers, and a couple of congressional campaigns, since the thesis ordeal in October. These websites, individuals, and campaigns would not associate with a "tainted source" considering their reputations. Furthermore, we have interviewed numerous Republican candidates for office, a former member of the Bush administration, and the Constitution Party's 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate for the United States, Darrell Castle.

Reason two - Jumping in Pools published an article in August, labeled it satire, and never bothered with it again. Michael Ledeen found the article on Twitter, posted it in haste, and neglected to read the entire page, before posting on one of the largest Conservative outlets of media in the United States. This mistake resulted in millions of Conservatives being sucked into a false article, because a well respected writer did not do research.

Reason three - 3,403 articles have been posted on Jumping in Pools since 2008, 158 of those articles or 4.7% of those articles have been satire, and all have been labeled as such. That means, 95.3% of all articles posted on Jumping in Pools are based on sound opinions, facts, and Conservative reasoning, doesn't sound like a track record of "taintedness".

Join us tomorrow, for the second edition of Defending Jumping in Pools.


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Michael Avitabile said...

Excellent work, Tim. I was going to do an article defending us, but you've nailed it.

Mr. K said...


Southern Man said...

I have no life, I actually read all the comments on GP regarding their hit piece. For the most part it seems the writers of those comments were pro-JiP. I was encouraged by that fact. It seems that most can recognize satire for what it is thus proving conservatives for the most part to be critical thinkers. If nothing else it was free PR.

Matthew Avitabile said...

Fantastic piece, Mr. K.

You ever think that LGF and Gateway Pundit are just jealous of our awesomeness?

fakestack said...

FWIW guys, this sort of stuff means, at least, that you're relevant. These are pretty big names that are using their bandwidth to even mention you. Well done!

Mr. d said...

We want Joe!!!!!

Zimri said...

If it's LGF hassling you about being "tainted", I believe the accepted response is "so come lick my taint, then".