Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CPAC credentials for me? We'll see....

Awesome news from the Conservative blogosphere this morning. Red State has been selected to handle the Bloggers Lounge at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference later this month, we at Jumping in Pools offer our congratulations. Red State has been awarded a difficult task, that involves great responsibility.

Take for instance, Red State is the final decider on which Conservative bloggers are allowed into Bloggers Lounge and which Conservative bloggers will not be allowed into Bloggers Lounge, considering 100 bloggers will be invited.....I have a feeling the demand for credentials will be explosive.

CPAC 2010 will be crucial to the Conservative movement in the coming months, as Conservative lawmakers will be addressing CPAC, Republican candidates will be addressing CPAC, Conservative writers, activists and talk show hosts will also be addressing CPAC, along with the famous Presidential Straw Poll. This will be the last monumental meeting of Conservatives before November, all the chips are on the table.

I wish I was going, but I'm not. According to personal finances, travel restrictions and a lack of desire to freeze in Washington when I could freeze in New York, I will not be able to attend CPAC in a few weeks or in 2011, but I am planning a 2012 trip to CPAC, during the all important Republican Presidential Primaries.

There will be headlines. As Glenn Beck will be addressing CPAC at the close of the conference, Marco Rubio and Doug Hoffman, two Conservative favorites, will be addressing the conference, the annual Presidential Straw Poll will once again keep Conservatives on the edge of their seat and a hundred Conservative bloggers will be together....never a good thing....watch out Congress!

Also, I will be sending CPAC an email, asking for credentials to attend the Conference as a political blogger, just to see if some standards are in place.

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