Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Warren Redlich : An Obama Republican.

UPDATE: Our interview with Mr. Redlich.

It has been announced that Warren Redlich is seeking the Republican nomination for Governor of New York, after two unsuccessful attempts at the House of Representatives in the district I reside in, well........for all of the sane individuals in the Empire state, let me introduce you to Warren Redlich.

I agree that a unicameral legislature is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure why this is a gubernatorial issue. What are the odds that Lazio is able to actually accomplish this reform if he's elected?

Meanwhile, Lazio was working on Wall Street dealing with real estate and the government before, during and after the crash. What was his role? Do the people really want a GOP candidate with that background at this time?


I guess a proposal for a unicameral legislature is not for a Gubernatorial candidate to be involved with............plus, Lazio was an evil man on Wall Street? Right.....

The 9/11 terrorist attacks provoked an extreme surge in this respect. Now police are focused on our borders and on fears of terrorism. I talked to a federal prosecutor who said that these priorities were so great there are no resources to focus on some other crimes like mortgage fraud. So, in the end, Osama bin Laden really took down our country not through terrorism itself, but through our overreaction to it.


The United States of America "overreacted" to 9/11........

I am hopeful that the fiscal conservative wing of the Republican Party will find a way to reassert itself. The dominance of the social conservatives and neocons led to growth in spending that made Bill Clinton look prudent.


But what if the Democrats blow it and spend our money as recklessly as the Republicans have? What do fiscal conservatives do then? If we can't trust the Republicans on this - and they've shown us we can't - and we can't trust the Dems, then we may have to look somewhere else.

I'd like to say we turn to the Libertarian Party. But that route is fraught with problems. The LP, at least in NY, has had trouble keeping a focus on a central theme. I'm optimistic about the current leadership though. Maybe that's the next step.


Do we want this man to be a Republican candidate? After using a typical liberal attack on National defense Conservatives, who believe in protecting the homeland?

I'm an elected Republican and I'm happy with Barack Obama ... sort of.

Of course I'm unhappy with him monkeying around with the economy, but he's not doing any worse than Bush on that stuff.

Here's why I'm happy:

1. Obama stepped up to the plate on medical marijuana. Under Bush (and Clinton), the feds would arrest people involved with medical marijuana even where it was legal under the laws of those states. For those who think Republicans are supposed to hate marijuana, that's missing the important principle. Republicans believe (or used to believe) in federalism and states' rights. If a state wants to allow medical marijuana, the feds should respect that. Obama does.

2. Obama is pushing to end the crack/powder disparity. Long ago the feds made the same stiff penalties apply to 5 grams of crack cocaine and 500 grams of powder cocaine. Many felt this was unfair since the drugs are essentially the same and since crack is used more heavily by poor blacks vs. wealthy whites using powder. Of course Obama should go farther, but he's done more than Clinton did on it.

3. Obama is right on the torture issue. I've been sickened by reading how some of our nation's top officials justify torturing people because 9/11 changed things. Baloney. Torture is wrong. We're better than that. I'm waiting to hear Bush answer the question: Who would Jesus torture?
Same on this point for Gitmo. Time to close it down.

4. Obama is right on opening up dialogue with other countries. Yes, I do think governments in places like Iran, Cuba and Venezuela stink. But we work with plenty of other countries that stink too. The talks probably won't lead anywhere meaningful - those leaders will stay rotten. But not talking is worse.

5. Obama understood that belt-tightening starts at the top - a view not shared by the Democrat leadership in Guilderland. On his first day in office he instituted a pay freeze for top officials in the White House. Grandstanding? Maybe, but good policy anyway.

There's more, but I give Obama credit for doing the right thing on some tough issues. Now if only he could get past that whole socialist mentality and start to recognize that capitalism is better ...


Obama is right on the torture issue? I don't think not Mr.Redlich, considering we have never tortured - water boarding is used on our own troops, the technique has gained extensive intelligence for our National defense, including information about potential terrorist attacks on the homeland, thus saving thousands upon thousands of American lives.

I could go on for hours........

Warren Redlich is a BAD CHOICE for Republicans, New Yorkers and Americans alike. Do we want someone who believes America's response to September eleventh was an "overreaction" to one of the worst strikes on our homeland in decades......to be the Republican nominee, let along the leader of our National Guard, I don't think so, among the other stances this awful candidate espouses.

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Albany Lawyer said...

Thanks for your critique. I'd be interested to hear what you think of my actual proposals for my campaign - Cutting spending, capping pay and pensions, etc. Please take a look at the campaign website and do another post.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone take Warren Redlich seriously. It was reported today that Warren Redlich registered websites under Andrew Cuomo's and Rick Lazio's name. Sounds downright slimy. No matter what his ideas are, Warren Redlich is a sociopath.