Monday, February 8, 2010

Democrat corruption in Empire state, could fuel Republican hopes.

Empire state Republicans are looking into the future with hope, due to Democratic efforts to raise taxation on a tired populace, the growing unpopular nature of President Obama, Senator Schumer and Governor Paterson, while strong Republican candidates have announced their intentions across the state.

There is also a secret weapon that Republican candidates should use at crucial points - pound the pavement on Democratic corruption that has run rampant over the past three years of complete Democrat control, something our political allies in New York should have no problem using for political benefit, because the examples are frequent and numerous.

  • Alan Hevesi resigned as New York State Comptroller in December of 2006, after admitting to his personal use of state employees to care for his ailing wife and defrauding the public.
  • Eliot Spitzer resigned as New York State Governor in March of 2008, after it was exposed Spitzer was involved in numerous scandals involving "sexual relations" with prostitutes.
  • Anthony Seminerio resigned as Assemblyman in June of 2009 after he was indicted on charges of defrauding the public.
  • Hiram Monserrate was convicted of third degree assault of his girlfriend in October of 2009, but Republican efforts to remove the State Senator have been unsuccessful.
  • Richard Ravitch was appointed Lieutenant Governor of New York in July of 2009, despite the fact our Constitution prohibits such appointment and requires an election to fill such office.

I could go on for hours, detailing the corruption of Democratic lawmakers in New York, but with it being this bad in New York, corruption could claim another member of the executive branch in the coming weeks, as it is being reported that Governor Paterson might be resigning, due to a unknown, soon to be released article in a local newspaper that will deliver a Spitzer-like political bombshell.

Running on the issues might be a waste in November, because running on the rampant corruption of powerful Democrats could be the easiest path for a Republican resurgence like never before in this state. I just hope we can keep a united effort against our Democratic counterparts, because division is the lone obstacle to success.

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