Monday, February 8, 2010

Palinmania starting to crumble?

Sarah Palin endorsed Rand Paul for Senate last week, disappointing and surprising millions of Conservatives across the land who support Palin, while leaving political "wizkids" in a perpetual state of confusion. Kentuckians are a Conservative bunch who want strong Senators, which is the reason Trey Grayson and Bill Johnson are the leading Republican candidates.

Rand Paul is not a strong Conservative or a Conservative at all. He is a watered-down version of his looned Congressman father, who will be pushing a weakened National defense for America, while joining congressional efforts to allow the free flow of illegal drugs into America.

This endorsement has puzzled Conservatives across the land, as we expect Sarah Palin to be strong on National defense, social conservatism, drilling for oil, Capitalism and low taxation on the populace, nothing has indicated she believes otherwise. Then, like a bolt of lightning has descended from the heavens, Sarah Palin ignores her previous stance on National defense and endorse Rand Paul on "domestic issues".

Small government does no good, unless you're nation is secured and protected.

I'm not the lone Palin fan starting to disconnect, there are others:

I have decided to ask Adam Loving, Twibes creator, to allow Karen Allen to refound the Palin Twibe. He has graciously agreed to make sure it happens. Karen will also take over the Palin Twibe blog and associated Twitter account and I will be training her how to manage the feeds and the Twibe itself.


God bless you all..........and, if you are a Kentuckian, please support Bill Johnson for United States Senate. If not a Kentuckian, I'd be most appreciative if you'd ignore this race and see fit to let us manage it ourselves. After all, we live here..........and we believe in the three R's: Ronald Reagan Republican.

"If not a Kentuckian, I'd be most appreciative if you'd ignore this race and see fit to let us manage it ourselves.", is a direct and appropriate swipe at Sarah Palin, who has not injected herself into the original land of Lincoln on a Conservative basis, but on a Libertarian "lets ignore National defense" basis.

If Palin announces more endorsements such as this, I have a feeling the Sarah Palin bandwagon will decrease at a record breaking pace, comparable to Obama's shrinking bandwagon of 10,000 progressive nutballs, not because we do not support Sarah Palin, but because her political endorsements of weakness and "domestic issues" will not help America in the long run and because we pledge our political allegiance to Conservatism alone.

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Anonymous said...

Bush and McCain pictures at the top of this blog. That says enough right there.

Stogie said...

I agree with the decline in "Palinmania." I felt it myself after Palin's disappointing speech in Nashville, which was merely a string of recycled sound bites. I really agree with your assessment of the Pauls as well -- Ron Paul has never been my cup of tea due to his desire to weaken our military defenses. If that's what Sarah is all about, count me out.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your blog could be restricted to KY only? Then we out-of-staters wouldn't be bothering you.