Saturday, February 6, 2010

Interview: Aaron Coal

Aaron Coal is the founder and chief writer for the Life and Times, one of Jumping in Pools' favorite sites. A fellow Phil Hendrie fan, Aaron writes his point of view, becoming one of the premier pro-Phil Hendrie sites on the net.

1. When/why did you start The Life and Times?

I started The Life And Times in December of 2005. At the time I was finishing up attending Wichita State University working on my Computer Science degree. A huge percentage of my professors spent half the class trying to fill our heads with liberal propaganda. I grew increasingly frustrated as they would call on me less and less because they knew I was going to disagree with them. So I went home and typed in "free blog" into google and found blogger. I figured it would be a great way to vent and so then I got on there and just started typing. Back then I had so much to say I would have 4 or 5 blog posts saved and ready to go. These days I blog a little less, however with the current situation and our current president I feel more inspired to post more than just pictures and videos. I am energized again.

2. Has Barack Obama met, exceeded, or fell below your expectations/fears?

First off, you have to admire President Obama for one thing, he seems to know he is now a man who is almost certainly a one-termer, so he is going all in and trying to socialize everything that moves. If anything it takes guts. He knows the majority is totally against his actions, yet he keeps at it. Bill Clinton would have backed down long ago.
But, yes, Barack Obama has exceeded my fears ten fold. It's not so much that we didn't know how liberal he is, it's that we didn't realize how fast he was going to take the wrecking ball to this country. He isn't reforming anything, he is destroying and dismantling "the American dream" and in it's place, if he gets his way, he will set up government enforced mediocrity. In other words we will be Western Europe, and everything our fathers and grandfathers fought for will be diminished and possibly destroyed.

3. Any favorite for the 2012 GOP nomination yet?

Well of the few prospects I have heard about my favorite so far is probably Newt Gingrich. I'm not convinced that he is electable but I love his conservatism. I really like Sarah Palin a lot as well. I think she is real, and I think she is not tainted by years in Washington like all these senators and congressman that run. I think overall we need someone that is just a conservative through and through. No more of this McCain style half way-fair-weather conservatism. If we put up a true conservative we have a huge chance of winning the presidency back. Hopefully at that point we will be able to reverse some of the damage done by the current socialist regime.

4. Has listening to Phil Hendrie influenced your blog?

I discovered the Phil Hendrie show on accident a few years before I started my blog. I was a loyal listener from day one. I even called in once to debate Phil on abortion and he put me on the air and was actually very kind to me, which a lot of times he gets pretty short with callers, so that was fun. The Phil Hendrie show absolutely influenced my blog. I use a lot of humor in my writing and his show just had brilliant and subtle humor that kept you captivated from start to finish. Back when I started my blog Phil was very pro-Iraq war which was huge at the time. So some of my favorite bits are when he had on Margaret Gray would usually be in Iraq acting as a human shield. As she began singing "Where Have All The Flowers Gone." Phil would send in an air strike on her and all you could hear were the explosions in the background. It was classic. That and many other "guests" and bits have greatly influenced my blog. Ya Savvy?

5. What is the best part of running your site?

I can be me. I don't have to send it in to a newspaper for editing to fit their agenda. I just write what I feel like. Whatever I am feeling at the time I can run to a computer and post it to my blog. I have always said that I will continue my blog even if I have zero readers, because for me it is more a form of therapy. I'm not posting things for an audience. I post for me, and I hope that it finds an audience. Let's face it, the internet is saturated with millions of blogs. I am a small fish in that sea. But if one person reads what I have written or posted that day and gets a laugh, or enjoys what I had to say, then it is worth it.

I appreciate the chance to participate in your interview. Love your blog, keep up the great work!

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