Saturday, February 6, 2010

Iraqi Veterans for Congress PAC deserves better.

Iraqi Veterans for Congress PAC was founded in 2008, devoted to the election of Conservative Republican candidates across America who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The political action committee achieved minimal success during the 2008 congressional elections, as their main accomplishments included the election of Mike Coffman (R- Colorado) and Duncan Hunter Jr. (R- California) into the House of Representatives.

According to a Federal Elections Commission disclosure earlier this week, the Iraqi Veterans for Congress political action committee raised over $180,000 dollars last year, all of which was raised through the financial contributions of individual Americans. When the political action committee was not updating their website to include more endorsed candidates (eighteen as of this afternoon), their organization was contributing thousands of dollars to Iraqi & Afghanistan War Veterans who are seeking elected office.

  • Allen West of Florida's 22nd congressional district has received $1,000 dollars, as his campaign to unseat a Liberal Democrat has gained national attention.
  • Justin Bernier of Connecticut's 5th congressional district has received $1,000 dollars, as a recent poll conducted in the 5th congressional district shows him leading his Republican opponent.
  • William Breazeale of North Carolina's 7th congressional district has received $1,000 dollars, as his campaign to restore Conservative Republican representation into a Republican dominated district has gained traction.
  • Kevin Calvey, Justin Kelly, Nick Popaditch, William Russell, Tim Griffin and other Veterans have received a combined total of $6,500 dollars from Iraqi Veterans for Congress PAC.

November is just nine months from now, we need to be contributing financial donations to deserving candidates, political action committees and political organizations committed to electing Conservative Republican candidates across America. However, one organization is more deserving than others, because of their devotion to the election of American heroes to Congress.

Please contribute what funds you can to Iraqi Veterans for Congress PAC, because our American soldiers have served us as heroes in one aspect or another, now it is time for us to return the favor.

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