Friday, February 5, 2010

Is health care dead? Without a doubt.

Update : Let us not forget about Congressman Murtha, who is still in the hospital. A substantial amount of time in the hospital could stall Democratic efforts further.

All Democratic efforts on health care legislation will fail from this point forward. It is no longer a pipe dream of Conservative Republicans across America, it is the honest truth. Democratic Representatives from Maine to California are concerned about this legislation, in particular the political ramifications of supporting legislation over 60% of Americans want dead.

It's 2010, stupid

We are no longer debating health care legislation in 2009. Illinois just held the first congressional primaries of the electoral season earlier this week, a strong Republican candidate could overtake a long held Democratic district in Hawaii during an upcoming special election and the November elections are just nine months from now.

Americans are no longer against a wall in fighting health care legislation. Congressional Democrats hellbent on government controlled health care are fighting a losing battle, not because of minimal willpower to control the American people, but because the American people are not tolerating attempts to control them...........and our power addicted counterparts care about their re-elections.

The math, stupid

Congressional Democrats do not have the votes to pass health care legislation. Period.

220 legislators voted for the initial legislation in November, while 215 legislators voted against the initial legislation in November, thus the voting patterns should remain the same. Right? Not a chance in a hell, a lot has happened over the past three months.

1. Congressman Cao (lone Republican who voted for legislation in November) and Congressman Space (Democratic weasel obsessed with re-election) are now against the legislation for one reason or another. Resulting in 217 votes against the legislation.

2. Congressman Wexler (Florida's nineteenth congressional district) has resigned for personal reasons, leaving health care supporters with another vote short (217-217), while Congressman Abercrombie is resigning at the end of the month, leaving Congressional Democrats with a tough special election in Hawaii & another vote short on health care legislation (216 for, 217 against).

3. Congressman Stupak is refusing to budge on abortion, just as much as progressive Democrats who support abortion funding in the legislation, leaving Congressman Stupak with leverage that could be beneficial or harmful. As it stands, Stupak is opposed to the legislation (215 for, 218 against).

4. I almost forgot. Scott Brown was sworn in last night, meaning we have 41 Republican Senators who oppose health care legislation, meaning cloture cannot be reached.


Congressional Democrats are not going to piss off the American electorate with nine months to November, a energized Conservative Republican movement and a chance of Republicans retaking both houses of Congress. Not to mention, the votes are not there........

Is health care dead? Without a doubt.

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Harrison said...

It was DOA. Same as Clinton's proposal when he was president. Obama seems intent on fighting (and losing) all the same battles Bill did. He'll probably take a licking in the mid-terms the way Bill did, too.

Southern Man said...

More power to them. The more they keep trying to ram this through the more successful Republicans will be in November. I say let 'em keep trying.