Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is Obama a United States citizen? Uh, Yea.........

I received an interesting email this morning, directing me to a recent article on World Net Daily (I guess the emailer was unaware of the ongoing Jumping in Pools boycott of World Net Daily, which was introduced last Fall) about Obama's citizenship and lawmakers across America who are demanding answers.....once and for all.

Hold on a second, I need to bang my head against the wall.

Republican lawmakers across the nation have introduced legislation demanding all candidates (or just Presidential candidates) document their Birth Certificate and thus their Constitutional allowance to serve. This is something I agree with, because we had a Presidential candidate last election that was ineligible to serve who was on the ballot, Senator McCain had to produce documentation and it would end the Obama theories once and for all.

However, birthers are not a rational or accepting bunch, thus if President Obama released his birth certification tomorrow morning for the whole world to see, there would still be something wrong. He would still hold citizenship in Indonesia, he was born before Hawaii was a state, two Hawaii newspapers were involved in a International cover up, blah,blah,blah.

After President Bush was first elected into the Oval Office; idiotic Democrats claimed up and down that Bush stole the election, that the Supreme Court stole the election and Governor Bush of Florida stole the election for his brother. This went on for four years, until the 2004 Presidential election when Bush received over 50% of the vote and was re-elected for another Presidential term.

Birthers are the Conservative doppelganger of our Democratic counterparts who contend Bush stole the election in one form or another, in fact it could be diagnosed as "election defeat" syndrome or the inability to accept a Presidential defeat of your preferred candidate.

President Obama is a United States citizen, whether some like it or not. It is possible for a man to be as un-american as he is and still be a United States citizen, such as Karl Marx was Jewish but hated Jews. Unless our looned allies on the right find evidence of a International cover up involving two Hawaii newspapers, the Republican Governor of Hawaii and Indonesian officials, I'll have to believe Obama on this one and the rationale of facts.

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