Monday, February 8, 2010

Representative Murtha has died.

Congressman John Murtha has passed away after a week long medical fight. He lived over seven decades on this earth, and despite the political differences between me and Congressman Murtha, I wish him the best in the afterlife, because human life is sacred, regardless of Democratic opinion.

It's hard not to discuss the political ramifications of the unfortunate death of Congressman Murtha, however, in respect to those that loved Murtha, I shall refrain from all political discussion involving Murtha's death and seat for one week.

Call me idiotic, but I am a Christian, Conservative Republican who has respect for his relatives and to discuss our political opportunities at this time, would be against our political and human nature.

We have a special congressional election upcoming, however, that can await tomorrow, because this evening should be about respecting life.

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