Monday, February 8, 2010

Texas Nationalist Movement has endorsed Medina.

Dan Riehl, a political blogger I respect (few have received that honour of admiration) is suggesting Sarah Palin has made a mistake in not endorsing Debra Medina for Governor in Texas, however, I would argue a political endorsement of Medina would be career suicide.

The Texas Nationalist Movement on Monday endorsed the candidacy of Debra Medina for Governor of Texas.

“This is the first candidate our organization has ever endorsed,” TNM president Daniel Miller said. “One of the key reasons is that almost everything she says is in line with the core beliefs of our organization. She believes in letting the people of Texas have their say.”

Miller noted that while Medina has publicly stated she does not necessarily support secession, “she believes in letting the people of Texas decide that issue.”

Medina, who is seeking the Republican nomination in the governor’s race, has taken public stances on a number of issues vital to TNM members, Miller said.

“She is the strongest candidate on government accountability to the voters, the strongest candidate on preserving individual liberties, the strongest candidate on letting the free enterprise system work, and the strongest candidate on limiting the role of government,” Miller said. “She is the only candidate in the governor’s race who is committed to securing and protecting the political, cultural and economic independence of Texas and to restoring and protecting a constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas.”

The Texas Nationalist Movement is a grassroots organization unaffiliated with any political party which seeks to peacefully re-establish Texas as an independent nation by putting the question of Texas independence before the voters of Texas.

I can see the headline - TREASON! Sarah Palin endorses candidate who favors Texas Nationalist movement!

What's your opinion now, Mr.Riehl?

I have a feeling she made the correct decision in endorsing Governor Perry, a well respected Conservative individual from the great state of Texas, one that favors a United States of America, unlike his Republican opponent who has Nationalists and Secessionists on her side.

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Enable Love said...

Rick Perry & Sarah Palin are both part of the status quo. Rino's.
Debra Medina is the real deal, a small(r) republican.