Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can Republicans hold on to Kirk's seat?

Representative Kirk (R- Illinois 10th congressional district) was nominated to be the Republican candidate in the upcoming Illinois Senate election, fueling Republican hopes of taking over the seat Barack Obama held for four years. With Representative Kirk leaving his long held seat, most political wizkids have predicted a Democratic takeover in the D + 6 congressional district he has represented for a decade, however, I would beg to differ.

10th Congressional district Primaries - Republicans vs. Democrats.

  • 5 candidates were in the running for the Republican nomination, while 3 candidates were in the running for the Democratic nomination, including the 2006 & 2008 Democratic nominee who received the nomination again last night.
  • Over 100,000 citizens (or 35% of voters compared to 2008 election results) inside of the 10th congressional district took part in Republican and Democratic Primaries yesterday morning and afternoon.
  • 52,378 citizens (or 50.6% of voters) participated in the Democratic nomination last night, while 51,254 citizens (or 49.4% of voters) participated in the Republican nomination last night, interesting results for a district that should shift "blue" without question..

What does this tell us?

1. Republicans are prepared to fight for this seat, "political wizkids" (or knuckleheads) are not going to tell them who is going to win in November. Plus, Republican voters are just as fired up as Democrats in this district.

2. 35% of voters in this district (compared to 2008 election results) have participated in the upcoming November election as of last night, leaving 65% of voters open to political persuasion over the next nine months. Not to mention, the Democratic candidate has ran and lost twice in this district, I doubt the third time will be a charm.

3. Republican candidates perform quite well in this district and with Representative Kirk running for United States Senate, his involvement on the behalf of the Republican nominee will be crucial to retaining this seat.

In short, we can keep this seat......regardless of what the "political wizkids" tell us, because Republicans aren't going down without a million dollar fight. I just hope the political climate is kind to the Republican nominee, because we must remember what state we are dealing with; the land of 10,000 corrupt Democrats.

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