Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who gives a damn about Nashville?

Over the weekend, hundreds of activists from around the nation will be gathering in Nashville, Tennessee to attend the first "Tea Party Convention", which Sarah Palin will be addressing at some point during the convention. Who gives a damn? Seriously.

This convention has been plagued with unethical questions, two Republican Representatives have backed out, attendees are being charged unrealistic amounts for a ticket, one of the leading birthers addressed the convention last night and it appears the "convention" also is shaped as a possible format to establish a political party.

Besides that, this is just one event in Tennessee. The real magic was when fiscal conservatives across America protested an out of control government, joined arm & arm with Republican legislators who are fighting the good fight and focused on Constitutional values. However, state Republican Parties across the nation are inviting "Tea Partiers" into the mix, minimizing the role or need of a national convention or political organization.

I could care less about Nashville, the same millions of Americans will feel about the New York Young Republicans statewide meeting I am planning to attend in March, who gives a damn? Nothing of political substance will arise from Nashville, however, something of political significance will arise from the Young Republican meeting, because one is involved in electing folks that will not screw us, while the other is involved in separating themselves from all political bands.

Fiscal Conservatives, Capitalists, National defense oriented individuals, Constitutionalists, Republicans, Tea Partiers, legal immigration activists, social Conservatives and those who support English as our national language need to come together, because we can achieve our goals through running as Republicans or running as Republicans.

Nothing else will work.

Nashville, will not save the United States of America from our socialistic democratic counterparts, but a strong Republican alternative focused on Capitalism, National defense and Constitutional values will.

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