Wednesday, February 3, 2010

U.N. Warns "Fire Hot; Causes Burns".

Well my headline is slightly less ludicrous than the actual MSNBC headline which reads:

Haiti situation ‘potentially volatile,’ U.N. warns
Attempt by armed men to hijack food convoy cited as one sign

Can anyone tell me why we support this useless conglomeration of freeloading despots? Can we not survive without their prophetic insights and gratuitous wisdom? It's been weeks since the earthquake in Haiti and the U.N. is just now figuring out that its a "potentially volatile" situation.

Let's see, their first indication was an attempt by armed men to hijack a food convoy? How did they miss the 1.5 million who are now homeless and without food, water or medical care; or the 200,000 dead bodies that litter the roadways and ruble in the devastated areas. Those might be clues so subtle that the average toddler could have missed them.

Tell me again why we give these American hating asshats $3 billion a year to denigrate us? Is it so we can wait with baited breath for this kind of insightful commentary:

The incident underscored what the United Nations calls a "potentially volatile" security situation as frustration has grown at the slow pace of aid since the Jan. 12 earthquake.

I suppose that the "slow pace of aid" will be the fault of the United States. Hell it will probably prompt another apology tour by Obama complete with a slathering of disingenuous bowing. 

I know what headline I would like to see involving the U.N. It would read something like this:

United Nations Disbanded
Members steal office equipment and towels on the way out.

I can't wait to see what choice bits of witticism the U.N. vomits forth next.

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1 comment:

Alezend said...

They will most likely say that the U.S. caused the earthquake with our warmongering and imperialism because they have amazing powers of deduction as they so constantly prove.